The Eternal Walker

The Eternal Walker  is a graphic novel about the promise of eternity offered by the memory. This book shows the interaction and relationship of three notions of eternity present in memory: Eternal Return, Bifurcation and Mise en abyme. The Eternal Walker unifies sequential art and picture book to enrich visually and narratively a story, whose understanding and development depends on the unity of these two languages.The illustrations were made with graphite and ink on paper . In Photoshop I added a general mid-tone and the highlights. The book has 120 pages in total, 90 pages have illustrations.


Salon des Beaux-Arts – Paris– Gold Medal Winner

Latin American Ilustración 8 – Winner

3×3 : Professional Show – Honorable Mention

NAMI Concours – Distinction

The World Illustration Awards – Selected

i Jungle Illustration Awards – Best of the Best Awards and Gold Medal

Salón IMAGENPALABRA 8 – Perro de Plata